Seniors in United States Save Thousands With New Medicare Plan

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United States Medicare - The average senior is spending over $5000 per year on out of pocket medical expenses - but thankfully, is changing that!

Are you aware that a new Medicare Supplement Plan could cover most, if not all of your co-pays and deductibles? These new popular plans are available in the United States to those living in qualified areas.

There was a time when you would have to call dozens of insurance companies directly to find out who offered the best Medicare Supplement Plan in your area. This meant spending hours on the phone and it was difficult to compare the plans side by side…

But that is changing.

Thanks to you can now compare all of the available plans online across 20+ carriers statewide, and for free. Just enter some basic info, compare options, and decide on which plan to enroll in yourself.

How do I find the best plan? There is one simple thing you must know before looking for a Medicare Supplement Plan...

You have to compare plans.

Many Seniors make the mistake of overpaying for a plan that doesn’t provide full coverage. By comparing options you can make sure you have the best plan for the lowest price. With comparing plans online is easy, you just enter your contact info and see plans available in your area across 20+ insurance carriers. Even if you already have a Medicare Supplement Plan, you can check to make sure you have the best available coverage.

It’s clear that many seniors aren’t aware that these plans exist and that the right Medicare Supplement Plan could cover your deductibles and co-pays. That’s because until now it wasn’t easy to compare these plans, and many seniors have been pushed into Medicare Supplement Plans that don’t actually provide very good coverage.

Fortunately,'s free service is helping seniors find the right plan to upgrade their coverage!

It’s no surprise that is becoming so popular helping seniors save money on their medical expenses. It’s amazing that seniors finally have access to a trusted source that helps consumers find the best coverage at the lowest price.

Follow These Steps to Save Money with a Medigap Insurance Plan:

  1. Enter your zip code and tap the button below to qualify.
  2. Fill out a short form and answer a few basic questions.
  3. Put money back into your pocket every year!

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