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How CA Seniors Are Saving Thousands with Medicare Deductibles & Co-Pays 100% Covered. 1

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Millions of Americans are making a huge Medicare Mistake. Here is how to avoid it with 3 easy steps.

Are you aware that a new Medicare Supplement Plan could cover most, if not all of your co-pays and deductibles? These new popular plans are available in the United States to those living in qualified areas.

There was a time when you would have to call dozens of insurance companies directly to find out who offered the best Medicare Supplement Plan in your area. This meant spending hours on the phone and it was difficult to compare the plans side by side…

But that is changing.

Why Doesn't Everyone Have a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Everyone should. But it used to be very difficult to buy one. The only way to find out your options was to call dozens of local insurance companies one by one to see what they would provide. There are many types of supplement plans, and not every company offers them all. It was confusing, it took hours and hours, and it was hard to get the right coverage for you.

That's Why We Came Up with

With, Picking a Medicare Supplement Plan is Easy!

There’s Just 1 Easy Rule to Follow: Always Compare Plans

This is the #1 best, fastest, and easiest way to save thousands on a plan, and most seniors don’t do it. But you can! Looking at recent studies, we couldn’t believe how many people were overpaying for the wrong coverage. With it’s so easy to compare plans that there’s no excuse not to do it.

Thousands of Smart Seniors Have Saved Thanks to and You Can, Too!

With a network of top insurance companies, and 124,000 agents you’re practically guaranteed to find the perfect plan to fit your needs and your budget. Over 1 million satisfied seniors increased their coverage and their savings thanks to So many in fact, that it became the #1 fastest growing insurance company on the Inc 500.*

Follow These Steps to Find a New Plan and Save with

  1. Enter your ZIP below to find available plans in your area
  2. Confirm some basic health and location information to view your available Medicare supplement plans.
  3. Get signed up for a new Medicare Supplement plan and save money every year!
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